Sep-card is a magnetic card, connected to SHETAB-network, which is issued by Saman electronic payment Co. and provides the possibility for charging the card by the organization or the owner him/herself. By using Sep-card non-cash payments to personnel are fast, easily and electronically paid. With no need to collect the cards, it lets the organizations to charge the cards with the desire amount at any time. In comparison with other similar cards, the possibility of using it in the largest electronic discount network in the country, is Sep-card`s main advantage.

What are Sep-card`s features?
Sep-card is connected to SHETAB-network Sep-card is usable in all card readers, installed in all points of sale over the country Usage of Sep-card in contracted points of sale, contains 5 to 50 percents discount Sep-card has CVV2 and second password (Internet password), for internet purchasing It is possible to transfer fund from all bank cards to Sep-card, for benefiting from discounts  

What are Sep-card`s advantages for organizations?

Bonus and non-cash payments to personnel, will be easy and economical for organizations The concerned amount of the organizations, will charge into personnel`s Sep-cards without diminishing any tax cost Organizations managers can observe micro transactions which are done by their personnel`s Sep-card, separated by time, cost, points of sale ... in their management panel Charging operation will be done electronically, integrally and simultaneously for all personnel`s Sep-card, with no need to collect the cards By inserting personnel`s personal photo and the capability of radio waves in Sep-cards, organizations can use Sep-card as a multipurpose card and a personal identity card for security purposes Sep-card`s design, will be customized by the organization`s desired logo and color Sep-card can be restricted for purchasing from specific centers Due to the discount matter of Sep-card and the number of point of sale, organizations can make a real added value for their staff 

What are Sep-card`s advantages for personnel?

Each Sep-card is issued on the owner`s name (employee of the concerned organization)By purchasing from contracted points of sale, the owner of the card privileges from 5 to 50 percent of discount on his/her purchase The owner of the card can get informed from his/her card balance through internet or mobile phone The owner of the card can receive his/her settlement report, through internet Preserving the stock balance of the card, in case it is lost