Saman Kish Electronic Payment Company started its activity in July 2003 aimed at presenting modern electronic payment solutions and by focusing on two areas of card services and creating an integrated card POS network.
Our company received the principal agreement from Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2004 and its final activity license from the same bank on 28 Sept. 2005. Saman Electronic Payment Company started its activity in the area of internet payment in March 2004, and as the first provider of internet payment services, SEP provided its customers with e-payment systems.
By employing specialized manpower, modern security technologies of the world, and using such other instruments like card, card reader, internet gateway and mobile, our company has been able to satisfy its customers and contractors by presenting quality and safe services and take a proper share of e-commerce wholesale and retail markets in our country.
SEP is known as one of the leading companies in the area of designing and implementing Electronic government projects and provider of special solutions for large organizations and companies.

The company’s activities are summarized as follows:

  • providing e-commerce services
  • providing internet payment solutions for micro and macro transactions
  • Installing and supporting POS card readers
  • providing payment software and hardware services to the banking networks, public organizations and banks
  • providing solution and execution of master plans for development of different types of electronic cards according to the customer’s needs
  • providing mobile payment services