P-Card is a rechargeable card bearing the name of the holder, that provides the bearer the possibility for purchasing from POS devices and internet stores. This card is a proper substitute for bonus card, that a large number of organizations, establishments and companies present to their personnel.

Saman Purchasing Card gives special possibilities to the customers:

  •  Printing the card with customized design and logo
  •  Issuing the card, bearing the name of any of staff members
  • Restrict the cards for purchasing from specific centers
  • Charging various amounts on monthly basis or in specific occasions
  • Removing the problems resulted by purchasing and distribution of goods among personnel
  • Preventing the trade of bonuses by personnel
  • Purchasing goods and receiving services from stores with POS card readers or internet gateway of all SHETAB-member banks
  • Preserving the stock balance of the card, in case it is lost