For the first time in Iran, Saman Electronic Payment Co. has presented a new service in the area of electronic card. Multipurpose card is a set of different models of cards with different applications, presented in one single card.
This card helps the organizations to simply separate noncash payments to their personnel, based on different welfare services and the using time. The personnel shall also have this advantage to receive the subordinate cards for the family members and determine and manage the consumption pattern including the amount and place of spending.
  • The features of this card are summarized as follows:
  • Defining unlimited number of customers
  • Issuing subordinate cards for individual staff members
  • Defining numerous patterns for separating the amounts of card
  • Defining different cards in one single card
  • Customized design of bonus card with the organization’s specific logo
  • Automatic charging based on the list of personnel
  • Using the broadest bonus card Points of Sale in Iran
  • Blocking the lost or stolen cards
  • Calculating and presenting real-time discounts