How long will it take for the internet payment service on the receptor’s website page to be activated?
At most one week after receiving the documents by the authorities of Online Points of Sale of SEP branches, by defining the POS’s code and password in the system and sending it to the POS’s email address, the referenced service will be activated.
What requirements should the Online POS applying website have?
Upload (operation) of the website for establishing an online sale webpage.
What is the commission rate deducted per each transaction, and what is the amount limit of transaction?
The commission rate will be determined and deducted according to the regulations of the Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran, and upon the agreement with the Point of Sale.
Is there a cost limit for daily purchase in an online purchase?
No, there is no limit.
Are the visitors (customers) of the website able to make online purchase via other banks’ cards?
Currently, only the SHETAB-member bank cards, with internet password (second password), card expiry date, and the 3-digit code (CCV2), could be used to make online purchase via Saman Bank Internet Payment Gateway. It is worth mentioning that the restriction for impossibility of making internet purchase for other SHETAB-member bank cards results from closing of the cards internet purchase service by the card issuing bank.
What is the Meaning of Internet Password?
In case the holder of Saman Bank card, after receiving his card password pack, has not changed it, the present password, in addition to use for ATMs, is considered as his internet password and in case he has changed the password previously, he must then refer to Bank Saman ATMs and select the option “Change Password”, and receive the new internet password. The holders of bankcards of other banks who do not have their card internet password, must refer to the ATM of their respective card issuing bank and receive the card’s second password (internet password). In case a point of sale has forgotten the internet password of his card, he must refer to the bank branches in order to receive the new password.
What Does Sale IP Server Mean?
Sale Server IP (IP Dedicated), are the valid IPs of the hosting of the related site. In case the hosting does not belong to the institute/company and it has received it from ISPs, they are required to receive the IP address from the ISP. Saman Electronic Payment Company has no restriction with respect to accepting the number of stores’ IPs. Any institute or natural person, upon signing a contract for Internet Service Acceptance, can announce several IPs.
What should we do if the IP address of the online store website server changes?
In case the IP address of the server changes, you are required to report the old and new IP addresses with a letter on the company’/entity’s letterhead, signed and sealed by the company’s directors/ signatories (board of directors) and fax it to +98 (21) 88219140 Central Office.