How can I order a POS card reader for my outlet?
You are only required to submit your order, by calling the call center or completing the POS Card Reader Online Form. Our colleagues will contact you in order to sign the contract and receive necessary documents.
What kinds of documents and requirements are needed to apply for a POS card reader?
For public points of sale, copy of the birth certificate or the National ID card of the license-holder, business license, real estate lease agreement or deed and the first page of the bank account booklet should be provided.
What should we do when there is a deficiency and technical error in the function of POS card reader?
Please call the phone numbers of your regional support center, printed on the bottom of the POS device, and report the problem and error warning you have received. The technical expert will shoot out your problem either via telephone or by personally coming to check the device.
How is settlement of account done with the holders of POS card readers?
The settlement process with the holders of POS card readers shall be as per the instructions approved by Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Does any commission apply to the POS’s use of SEP POS Card Readers
Currently no commission is deducted from POS’s account for operation of card reader.
Is it possible to transfer outgoing funds from SEP POS card readers?
Technically, this service is practicable, but according to the decision of Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the prohibition of fund transfer from POS card readers, this service is not presented.
Is it possible to get information about the balance of bankcard, purchasing of mobile charges and payment of bills through POS card readers?
What should we do in case of change of outlet’s address?
You should immediately inform the Customer Service Center of your concerned area.
Is the report of POS card reader transactions, possible to observe by point of sales?
Yes, by calling the Support Center, and inserting the user ID and password, you can observe all transactions done through POS card reader by referring to the POS Gateway.